Nucleus Colony - Local Welsh Black Honey Bee Cross

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Nucleus Colony - Local Welsh Black Honey Bee Cross

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We are sold out of 2018 Nucs, all payments made now will be for our 2019 Nuc's expected to be shipped May 2019

We do recommend ordering your Welsh bee nuc's early to avoid any disappointment as our Nuc numbers are limited.


Our Local black bee & Buckfast nucleus honey bee colonies ( Nucs ) are bred in our lowland Apiary here in North Wales and come from our proven black bee stock which have mild temperament, are very prolific in producing brood.  Whilst they are mainly black bees in colour they have been allowed to mate with other bees here in the local area so they might, and only might show some small colour bands, but they are clearly far from the orange seen on buckfast or none Welsh bees. 

They are usually available for collection from May to later on in the year  - Obviously this start and stop period is weather dependent as sometimes they might be available earlier or later in the season.  We recommend contacting us to see if we have spare nucs or queens available at various times of the year

Our Nucleus colonies are supplied in a 5 Frame transporting Correx plastic Nucleus box on Hoffman Deep frames suitable for National and WBC hives with a Standard Deep brood box, although we can supply on 14 x 12 or Langstroth Mediums if required and booked early enough.  Within your Nuc box there is a minimum of 5 well stocked comb with a in house breed Cross Queen.

Our bees are fully checked in accordance with NBU and FERA guidelines.

We sometimes have over wintered Nucleus colonies with our own breeding queens available earlier in the season.  Please contact us to discuss this before ordering.

Product Code Black bee cross
Manufacturer Honey Bee Company
Condition New

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